While most bands were crushed by the devastating impact Covid - 19 had on the music industry, Detachment brushed themselves off and got back to the studio to record their most successful song, Work Horse. After releasing their debut EP Gaslight in January of 2020, and charting successfully on the radio in the top 10's with other band's such as Suicide Silence, Code Orange, and even Ozzy Osbourne, the future looked bright for the young hardcore band from Long Island NY. Unfortunately, their April tour down south to promote the EP was canceled and they were left showless with nothing to do but write and record. They entered Westfall studios, home to bands like Moon Tooth and Johnny Booth to record their crushing new single, Work Horse, a song specifically about overcoming what life throws at you. They are entering Westfall once again in August to record their debut full length and are ready to hit the road late 2021 and into 2022!

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  • "Gaslight was a strong debut for the group. Detachment captures the hardcore scene with a sound in the vein of Knocked Loose, Left Behind, and Boundaries. The band has released their follow-up single to Gaslight. Detachment has presented their newest song 'Work Horse' to the world."
    - Metalinsider

  • "With the success of their Gaslight EP back in January, Detachment have returned with a new single dubbed, “Work Horse.” The band has been teasing the single for the past month with weekly behind the scenes studio updates."
    - Metalinsider

  • "Like a spark to kindling, Detachment ignite a roaring fire that spreads quickly. The energy is overwhelming, but still allows room to breathe. With a chaotic metallic hardcore/metalcore sound, “Work Horse” is a force of aggressive and intense instrumentation and vocal elements."
    - Kevin Young Music Media

  • "Although deathcore and metalcore music is super trendy lately, most of these bands are unable to make any difference with their understanding of music. They are stuck with the same kind of ideas, structures, and instrumentations most of the time. Detachment in this way is a unique band that has a very special blend of different music styles, especially on this album. Please give it a listen while reading the rest of the article. First of all, I’d like to say that Gaslight is an exceptional album. This is one of the most aggressive records I have listened to in this genre for a long long time."
    - Metalhead Community

  • "These guys channel caustic energy wrapped up in some buzzing hardcore guitars and soaring, melodic vocals."
    - Pure Grain Audio

  • "The band has gone about spreading their explosive and visceral brand of hardcore across much of the east coast"
    - Vents Magazine

  • "Latest track, Million Eyes, their first as Detachment, showcases an astute balance of melody and aggression whilst displaying thunderous guitars, engaging vocals and a raw accessibility."
    - Rock N Load Magazine


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